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The Civil Service rules and regulations shall provide for the following matters, in addition to such others as the Civil Service Commission may deem necessary, proper or expedient to carry on the intent and purpose of the Civil Service provisions of this Charter.

(a) The classification of all positions in the classified service.

(b) The selection, employment, advancement, suspension, demotion, discharge and retirement of all persons in the Classified Service.

(c) The recruitment of applicants for City positions through public advertisement inviting applications and by the establishment of lists according to the merit and fitness of the applicants, to be determined by free examinations in accordance with such rules. The holding of promotional examinations to fill vacancies where promotional examinations are practicable in the opinion of the Civil Service Commission.

(d) The certification of three names standing highest on the eligible list to the appointing authority to fill a position in the Classified Service, unless the Civil Service Commission, with the consent of the appointing power, authorized the certification of less than three names on an eligible list and, in the opinion of such Commission and such appointing power, conditions warrant such action.