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The employees of the City shall be divided into the Unclassified Service and the Classified Service as follows:

(A) Unclassified Service. The Unclassified Service shall include the following Officers and positions:

(1) all Elected Officials;

(2) the positions expressly identified as “Unclassified” in Charter Section 500;

(3) all members of boards and commissions;

(4) positions in any class or grade created for a special or, temporary purpose and which may exist for a period of not more than ninety (90) days in any one calendar year;

(5) persons employed to render professional, scientific, technical or expert service of any occasional and exceptional character;

(6) part-time employees paid on an hourly or per diem basis;

(7) persons employed to fill positions which have been created for work and/or projects funded entirely or in part by grants made to the City; and

(8) any additional management level positions in the Unclassified Service approved by an ordinance adopted by a four-fifth’s vote of the City Council in accordance with Charter Section 500(D).

(B) Classified Service. The Classified Service shall comprise all positions not specifically included by this Charter Section 701 in the Unclassified Service.