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(A) Generally. All City Council meetings shall be fully and properly noticed, open to the public, and otherwise held in accordance with all applicable State open meetings laws.

(B) Regular Meetings. The City Council shall hold regular meetings at least once each month at such times as it shall fix by ordinance or resolution. The City Council shall adjourn or readjourn any regular meeting to a date and hour certain which shall be specified in the order of adjournment and when so adjourned each adjourned meeting shall be a regular meeting for all purposes. If the hour to which a meeting is adjourned is not stated in the order of adjournment, such meeting shall be held at the hour for holding regular meetings.

(C) Special Meetings. Any meeting of the City Council that is not a “regular meeting” under the terms of Charter Section 307 shall be considered a “special meeting.” Subject to the laws applicable to Charter cities, any Council action that may be taken at a "regular” Council meeting may also be taken at a “special” Council meeting.

(D) Place of Meetings. All regular City Council meetings shall be held in the City Council Chambers in the Civic Center or other appropriate location within the Civic Center complex, if City Council Chambers are not otherwise available or suitable. If, by reason of fire, flood or other emergency it shall be unsafe to meet in the place designated or it is unavailable, the meetings may be held for the duration of the emergency or unavailability at such place as is designated by the Mayor, or, if the Mayor should fail to act, by three members of the City Council.

Any special meeting may be held within any place suitable and desirable for public assembly within the City to facilitate the public participation in the business of the City, subject to the requirements of notice as provided in this Charter and State law.

(E) Joint Session with Other Governing Bodies. The City Council may meet in joint session outside the City with the governing body or bodies of any other governmental agency, in the County of San Diego, at an appropriately designated place of meeting, subject to notification as required in this Charter and State law.