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All meetings shall be held in the Council Chamber in the Civic Center or such other appropriate conference room located in the Civic Center and shall be clearly noticed and open to the public. If, by reason of fire, flood or other emergency it shall be unsafe to meet in the place designated, the meetings may be held for the duration of the emergency at such place as is designated by the Mayor, or, if the Mayor should fail to act, by three members of the City Council.

It is further provided that any special meeting may be held within any place suitable and desirable for public assembly within the City of Chula Vista or areas contiguous thereto to facilitate the public participation in the business of the City, subject to the requirements of notice as provided in this Charter and the laws of the State of California. Further, the City Council may meet in joint session at an appropriately designated official place of meeting with the governing body or bodies of any other governmental agency in the County of San Diego, subject to notification as required hereinabove.

At such special meeting called at the time and place and in the manner provided herein, the City Council may not pass upon any ordinance or resolution, or make any final decision on the matters being discussed at said meeting except that final actions may be taken at joint meetings with other governmental agencies held at a regular place of meeting of such agency.