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Words used in this chapter shall have the meaning described to them in this section:

A. Mobilehome” is a structure designed for human habitation and for being moved on a street or highway under permit pursuant to Section 35790 of the California Vehicle Code. As used in this chapter, “mobilehome” has the same meaning as California Civil Code Section 798.3.

B. Manufactured home” is a unit built post June 15, 1976, that meets U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifications. The term “manufactured home” for the purpose of this chapter only shall be synonymous with the term “mobilehome.”

C. Mobilehome space” means a portion of a mobilehome park designated or used for the occupancy of one mobilehome.

D. Mobilehome park” or “park” is an area of land where two or more mobilehomes or mobilehome spaces are rented, or held out for rent, to accommodate mobilehomes used for human habitation.

E. Mobilehome park owner” or “owner” means and includes the owner, lessor, operator, or manager of a mobilehome park.

F. Mobilehome owner” means a person who owns a mobilehome which is legally located in a mobilehome space within a mobilehome park in the City of Chula Vista.

G. Mobilehome resident” or “resident” means a person who occupies a mobilehome in a mobilehome park in the City of Chula Vista as a primary residence by virtue of having a rental agreement. “Mobilehome resident” or “resident” is inclusive of a mobilehome owner.

H. Rent” means the consideration, including any bonus, benefit or gratuity, demanded or received in connection with the use and occupancy of a mobilehome or mobilehome space in a mobilehome park, including services, or in connection with the transfer of a lease for a mobilehome space or the subleasing of a mobilehome space. “Rent” shall not include amounts paid by residents for such separately metered utilities or services, as provided in California Civil Code Section 798.41, or any separate charge for those fees, assessments or costs which may be charged to mobilehome residents pursuant to the California Civil Code.

I. Dispute” or “controversy” means a disagreement or difference which is subject to the resolution process described in this chapter.

J. Consumer Price Index” or “CPI” means the All Urban Consumers/All Items component of the San Diego Metropolitan Area U (broader base) Consumer Price Index prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

K. Mobilehome Rent Review Commission” means the advisory body established by Chapter 2.31 CVMC to provide an independent review of rent increase disputes in mobilehome parks. (Ord. 3255 § 1, 2013; Ord. 3195 § 1, 2011; Ord. 2862 § 1, 2002).