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A. The City Council intends by this chapter to create a process to protect both mobilehome park owners and mobilehome park residents from excessive and unconscionable rent increases while simultaneously recognizing and providing for the need of mobilehome park owners to receive a just and reasonable return on their property.

B. The City Council intends by this chapter:

1. To prevent existing mobilehome owners, who are rendered largely incapable of moving their mobilehomes without suffering a substantial loss in their value, from loss of their investment and the resale value of their mobilehomes due to the fact that a new mobilehome resident is being charged excessive rents;

2. To protect and promote the availability of mobilehomes as a more affordable housing choice; and

3. To encourage compliance with code requirements, to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of mobilehome park residents, and to provide for a fair return on the park owners’ investment so that compliance with code requirements is financially feasible in such circumstances where a rent increase in excess of the annual permissive rent increase is proposed.

C. The City Council intends for the procedures contained in this chapter to provide a mechanism for the resolution of disputed increases in rents by making it advantageous for mobilehome park residents and mobilehome park owners to establish a better understanding of each other’s positions which will result in agreement on the amount of rent to be charged. The procedures of the ordinance are established with the intent that they be accomplished in a timely fashion. The participating parties shall commit to the goal that the entire dispute resolution process be completed within 120 days following receipt of a disputed notice of rent increase. (Ord. 3255 § 1, 2013; Ord. 3195 § 1, 2011; Ord. 2862 § 1, 2002).