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(A) Write-in Candidates. In order to participate as a write-in candidate in a municipal election, a prospective write-in candidate must qualify to run in the primary municipal election pursuant to the standards set forth in this Charter Section 902 and State law. In order to participate in a run-off general municipal election, a qualified write-in candidate must be one of the top two vote getters for the seat for which they qualified in the primary municipal election per the standards set forth above. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that a primary municipal election is cancelled for any office because two or less candidates qualify for such election, a write-in candidate may qualify to participate as a candidate for such office in the general election by qualifying to run as a write-in candidate for such general election under State law. Except as expressly provided in this paragraph, no write-in candidate shall be eligible to run for office in any municipal election.

(B) Death of a Candidate. If one of the two eligible candidates in a run-off general municipal election dies, and the City Clerk is notified of and confirms the death on or before the deadline to file the names of the candidates with the County elections official for such election, the deceased candidate’s name shall not be placed on the ballot. Instead, immediately upon confirming the death, the City Clerk shall offer, in writing, to the candidate receiving the third highest number of votes in the primary municipal election, the opportunity to be placed on the ballot in lieu of the deceased. Such candidate shall notify the City Clerk in writing whether they have accepted or rejected the offer within five calendar days of receipt of the City Clerk’s offer. Any acceptance must be accompanied by all required candidate documents for that election. If the candidate timely accepts, and timely files the required documents, they will be added to the ballot and the run-off general municipal election will be held. If the candidate rejects the offer or fails to timely respond, there shall be no run-off election, and the remaining candidate shall be deemed elected as of the date the death of the deceased candidate was confirmed.