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(A) Assessed Valuation Limits. The City shall not incur an indebtedness evidenced by general obligation bonds which shall in the aggregate exceed the sum of 15% of the total assessed valuation, for the purposes of City taxation, of all the real and personal property within the City.

(B) Voting Requirements. No bonded indebtedness which shall constitute a general obligation of the City may be created unless authorized by the affirmative votes of two-thirds of the electors voting on such proposition at any election at which the question is submitted to the electors and unless in full compliance with the provisions of the State Constitution and of this Charter. No bonds payable out of any revenues of the City or of any department thereof, shall be issued without assent of a majority of the voters voting upon the proposition of issuing the same, at an election at which such propositions shall have been duly submitted to the qualified electors of the City, except to the extent State law provides otherwise for general law cities.

(C) Special Rules for Public Utilities and Industrial or Commercial Facilities. The City may issue bonds, notes or other obligations, any portions of the proceeds of which will be used to finance in whole or in part the acquisition, construction, equipping or improvement of any public utility, industrial or commercial facility and which will be payable in whole or in part out of any revenues derived from the operation of such public utility system or payments received from such industrial or commercial facility without the assent of the voters provided that neither the faith and credit of the City or any department thereof nor the taxing power of the City is pledged to the payment of principal or interest of such bonds, notes or other obligations.

(D) Other Limitations. All other limitations, terms and procedures for the City’s issuance of debt shall be governed by State law applicable to Charter cities and/or to the extent allowed by State law or City ordinance.