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The notice and order to abate shall be served in the following manner:

A. By personal service; or

B. By certified mail, addressed to the owner, or his or her agent, at the address shown on the last equalized assessment roll or as otherwise known, and addressed to anyone known to the City abatement officer to be in possession of the property at the street address of the property being possessed. Service shall be deemed to have been completed upon the deposit of said notice and order, postage pre-paid, in the United States mail; and

C. By posting such notice and order to abate conspicuously in front of the property on which, or in front of which, the nuisance exists, or if the property has no frontage upon any street, highway, or road, then upon the portion of the property nearest to a street, highway, or road, or most likely to give actual notice to the owner and any person known by the City abatement officer to be in possession of the property. (Ord. 2718 § 1, 1998; Ord. 2187 § 2, 1987; Ord. 1655 § 1, 1975).