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No elective or appointive Officer or employee of the City of Chula Vista, whether employed in the Classified or Unclassified Service, shall:

(A) directly or indirectly use, promise, threaten or attempt to use any official influence in the aid of any partisan political activity, or to affect the result of any election to partisan or political office or otherwise act or fail to act, in their official capacity as a result of any or partisan or political consideration;

(B) solicit or coerce from any other Officer or employee of the City of Chula Vista, any political payment, or contribution or membership; or

(C) use any office or position with the City in any activity in support or opposition to any person running for any elected office.

Nothing in this article shall be construed to prevent any such Officer or employee from becoming or continuing to be a member of a political club or organization, or from attendance at a political meeting, or from enjoying entire freedom from all interference in casting their vote or from seeking or accepting election or appointment to public office.

Any willful violation, or violation through gross negligence, of the prohibitions in this Charter Section 707, in addition to any other remedies provided in this Charter for violations hereof, shall be sufficient grounds to authorize the discharge of an Officer or employee from their employment with the City.

No person in the Unclassified or Classified Service, or seeking admission thereto, shall be employed, promoted, demoted or discharged, or in any way favored or discriminated against because of political opinions or affiliations or because of race or religious belief, except that no one shall be eligible to hold a position with this City who advocates the overthrow of our form of government by force or violence.