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(A) In General. There shall be a City Planning Commission to be appointed by the City Council from the Residents of the City, none of whom shall hold any paid office or employment in the City government. The number of members to comprise the Planning Commission shall be established by ordinance of the City Council at not less than five nor more than nine.

(B) Powers and Duties. The Planning Commission shall have the power and duty to:

(1) recommend to the City Council, after a public hearing thereon, the adoption or amendments to the General Plan, a Sectional Planning Area Plan, a General Development Plan, a Specific Plan, a Precise Plan, and Rezonings for the physical development of the City; and

(2) exercise such functions with respect to land subdivisions, planning, and zoning, use permits, and project design as may be prescribed by ordinance and State law.

(C) Staff Support. The services of the Director of Development Services, or their designee, and the City Attorney’s Office shall be made available to support the activities of the Planning Commission.