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(A) Presiding Officer. As soon as practicable, following July 1st of every year, each boards and commissions shall select one of its members to serve as presiding Officer for the ensuing year.

(B) Meetings. Each board or commission shall hold regular meetings as required by ordinance of the City Council, and such special meetings as such board or commission may require. All proceedings of Charter or City Council created boards and commissions shall be open to the public, except as authorized by applicable law.

(C) Votes Required for Action. Unless a higher number of votes is required by this Charter or by ordinance, the affirmative vote of a majority of the then appointed and sworn in board or commission members shall be necessary for it to take any action except to adjourn.

(D) Staff Liaison. The City Manager shall designate a staff liaison to staff and record the minutes for each such board and commission, and to keep a record of its proceedings and actions.

(E) Additional Rules and Regulations Allowed. Each board or commission may prescribe its own rules and regulations which shall be consistent with this Charter and other applicable laws. Such rules and regulations shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk where they shall be available for public inspection. If established by ordinance, a board or commission may have the same power as the City Council to compel the attendance of witnesses, to examine them under oath and to compel the production of evidence before it.