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(a) Appointments and Terms. The members of each of such boards or commissions shall be appointed, and shall be subject to removal, by motion of the City Council adopted by at least three affirmative votes. The members thereof shall serve for a term of four (4) years and until their respective successors are appointed and qualified. Members of such boards and commissions shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms and an interval of two (2) years must pass before a person who has served two (2) consecutive terms may be reappointed to the body upon which the member had served; provided, further, that for the purpose of this section, an appointment to fill an initial term or an unexpired term of less than two (2) years in duration shall not be considered as a term; however, any appointment to fill an initial term or an unexpired term in excess of two (2) years shall be considered to be a full term.

(b) Initial Classification of Appointees. The members first appointed to such boards and commissions shall so classify themselves by lot so that each succeeding July 1st the term of one (1) of their number shall expire. If the total number of members of such body to be appointed exceeds four (4), the classification by lot shall provide for the grouping of terms to such an extent as is necessary in order that the term of at least one (1) member shall expire on each succeeding July 1st.

(c) Vacancies. Vacancies in any board or commission, from whatever cause arising, shall be filled by appointment by the City Council. Upon a vacancy occurring leaving an unexpired portion of a term, any appointment to fill such vacancy shall be for the unexpired portion of such term. If a member of a board or commission is absent from three (3) regular meetings of such body consecutively, unless by permission of such board or commission expressed in its official minutes, or is convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, or ceases to be a qualified elector of the City, the office shall become vacant and shall be so declared by the City Council.

(d) Eligibility. All members of boards and commissions shall be qualified electors in the City of Chula Vista with the exception of Youth Commissioners who need only be residents of the City of Chula Vista. The City Council may appoint non-electors of the City of Chula Vista to those boards and commissions which are advisory only and whose duties involve regional issues. Appointment of non-electors must be passed by at least four affirmative votes. No person may be appointed nor shall serve on more than one of the Charter-created boards or commissions simultaneously.