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Notwithstanding any other provision of this Charter, the Council may establish by ordinance the office of Legislative Counsel, as described in this Charter Section 504.

(A) Appointment or Dismissal. Legislative Counsel may be selected by the Council and serve at the pleasure of the Council, on terms and conditions prescribed by Council. Appointment or dismissal of the Legislative Counsel shall be approved by a majority vote of the Council.

(B) Advice Regarding Legislative Duties. Legislative Counsel may advise the Council regarding its legislative duties. Legislative Counsel shall neither oppose nor urge enactment of any legislation.

(C) Advice Regarding Conflicts of Interest. Legislative Counsel may also advise the Council regarding conflicts of interest involving the City Attorney, and whether the hiring of special counsel is therefore warranted. If the Council approves the hiring of special counsel, Legislative Counsel may assist the Council in the selection and appointment of special counsel.

(D) Advice to Board of Ethics and Charter Review Commission. Legislative Counsel may further advise the Council or the City’s Board of Ethics concerning the City’s Code of Ethics and alleged violations thereof and further may advise the City’s Charter Review Commission. Legislative Counsel may also provide such other assistance to the Board of Ethics in investigating or assisting the Board in the conduct of hearings, including the hiring of special counsel to the Board.

(E) Additional Provisions By Ordinance. The Council may further provide by ordinance that the advice of the Legislative Counsel on the matters set forth in this Charter Section 504 shall be in lieu of that of the City Attorney. The Counsel may additionally or alternatively provide by ordinance for the prevention or resolution of conflicts and/or disputes between the City Attorney and Legislative Counsel.