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(A) Powers and Duties

The City Clerk shall be the department head for the City Clerk’s office and shall have power and be required to:

(1) staff all meetings of the City Council and be responsible for the recording and maintaining of a full and true record of all proceedings of the City Council;

(2) maintain separate books, in which shall be recorded respectively all ordinances and resolutions, with the certificate of the Clerk annexed to each thereof stating the same to be the original or a correct copy, and as to an ordinance requiring publication, stating that the same has been published or posted in accordance with this Charter; keep all books properly indexed and open to public inspection when not in actual use;

(3) maintain a record of all written contracts and official bonds;

(4) be the custodian of the seal of the City;

(5) administer oaths or affirmations, take affidavits and depositions pertaining to the affairs and business of the City and certify copies of official records;

(6) administer all City elections; and

(7) oversee the management of all City records.

(B) Publication and Noticing of City Council-Related Matters. Upon request, the City Clerk may publish or notice or facilitate the publication of all City Council-related matters required to be published or noticed in accordance with applicable laws.

(C) Assistant and Deputy City Clerks. In order to assist with such responsibilities, the City Clerk may appoint Assistant or Deputy City Clerks who shall be in the Unclassified Service, and other employees, subject to City Council approval as to number of positions and funding therefor.