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(a) Generally. With the sole exception of ordinances which take effect upon adoption referred to in this article, no ordinance shall be adopted by the City Council on the day of introduction, nor within five days thereafter, nor at any time other than at a regular or adjourned regular meeting. At the time of adoption of an ordinance or resolution, it shall be read in full, unless after the reading of the title thereof, the further reading thereof is waived by unanimous consent of the Councilmembers present. In the event that any ordinance is altered after its introduction, the same shall not be finally adopted except at a regular or adjourned regular meeting, held not less than five days after the date upon which such ordinance was so altered. The correction of typographical or clerical errors shall not constitute the making of an alteration within the meaning of the foregoing sentence.

(b) For Payment of Money. A resolution or order for the payment of money shall be adopted or made only at a regular or adjourned regular meeting.

(c) Votes Required Execution and Attestation. Unless a higher vote is required by other provisions of this Charter, the affirmative votes of at least three members of the City Council shall be required for the enactment of any ordinance or resolution, or for the making or approving of any order for the payment of money. All ordinances and resolutions shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk.

(d) Emergency Ordinances. Any ordinance declared by the City Council to be necessary as an emergency measure for preserving the public peace, health, safety, and general welfare and containing a statement of the reasons for its urgency, may be introduced and adopted at one and the same meeting if passed by at least four affirmative votes.