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By its acceptance of any franchise hereunder, the grantee shall covenant and agree to perform and be bound by each and all of the terms and conditions imposed in the grant, or by procedural ordinance and shall further agree to:

(a) Comply with all lawful ordinances, rules and regulations theretofore or thereafter adopted by the City Council in the exercise of its police power governing the construction, maintenance and operation of its plants, works or equipment;

(b) Pay to the City on demand the cost of all repairs to public property made necessary by any of the operations of the grantee under such franchise;

(c) Indemnify and hold harmless the City and its officers from any and all liability for damages proximately resulting from any operations under such franchise;

(d) Remove and relocate without expense to the City any facilities installed, used and maintained under the franchise if and when made necessary by any lawful change of grade, alignment or width of any public street, way, alley or place, including the construction of any subway or viaduct or if the public health, comfort, welfare, convenience or safety so demands; and

(e) Pay to the City during the life of the franchise a percentage to be specified in the grant of the gross annual receipts of the grantee within the limits of the City, or such other compensation as the City Council may prescribe in the grant.