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A. Every mobilehome park owner shall comply with the provisions of the Mobilehome Residency Law (Chapter 2.5, Section 798 of the California Civil Code), and the provisions of this chapter. Also, a copy of the Mobilehome Residency Law and this chapter shall be prominently posted in a common area of each park’s premises at all times.

B. In addition, the information contained in the disclosure below shall be provided as follows:

1. When a mobilehome in a park is to be sold and it will remain in the park, the seller shall show the disclosure to all potential buyers;

2. The park owner will provide a copy of the disclosure to a buyer of a mobilehome that will remain in the park prior to signing of a rental/lease agreement; and

3. A copy of the disclosure acknowledged by the buyer shall be an addendum to every rental agreement, copies of which shall be kept by both the park owner and resident.


Chula Vista Municipal Code Chapter 9.50, Mobilehome Park Space Rent Review, governs all mobilehome park spaces for leases of 12 months or less. For leases of more than 12 months, Chapter 9.50 does not apply, per Section 9.50.012 and State law.

Chapter 9.50 generally applies to, but is not limited to, rent control measures. Of particular interest is Section 9.50.077, which prohibits rental petitions upon change of ownership or space vacancy.

Once in place, existing resident rights are defined in Section 9.50.063, which details the noticing requirements for increases in space rent. Please initial to acknowledge reading of each section:

____(initial) 1. I understand that in order to be eligible for rent control within the City of Chula Vista my rental agreement terms must be eligible under State law and meet the following criteria: (1) the coach/trailer is owned by the resident; (2) the resident has a valid space lease/rental agreement for a term of 12 months or less; and (3) it is the resident’s principal residence.

____(initial) 2. I further understand that under Section 9.50.030 I must pay an administrative fee to have my space protected by rent control. The City will send a bill in June of my first year of residency and each subsequent June to receive the benefits and services (“Rent Control”) described below. Failure to pay the fee means my space will not be subject to rent control and the information in the remainder of this disclosure will not be applicable to my space.

____(initial) 3. If I receive a written statement of rental increase where the “cumulative annual increase” (total rent increase for the space within the past year) is greater than the applicable change in the CPI, when the CPI is three percent (3%) or less, and 75 percent of that change in the CPI above three percent (3%) I have the rights to petition such increase to the City after attending an informal meeting with the park owner where we shall attempt to negotiate, in good faith, a fair rental rate.

____(initial) 4. If resolution to the rental dispute is not reached at the informal meeting, I may request a hearing before the City of Chula Vista Mobilehome Rent Review Commission for enforcement of Chapter 9.50 within 30 days of receiving such written statement of rental increase by submitting a Request for Hearing Form to the City of Chula Vista, the address of which is listed below.

A copy of the Mobilehome Rent Review Ordinance is available at the City of Chula Vista, Attn: Mobilehomes, 276 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910 or one can be obtained from park management.


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(Ord. 3255 § 1, 2013; Ord. 3195 § 1, 2011; Ord. 2862 § 1, 2002).