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A. The City Council finds that there currently exists serious health and safety issues in certain mobilehome parks within the City. These health and safety issues are particularly acute in the older trailer parks in the City. In order to establish a minimal level of health and safety standards which must exist in all mobilehome parks prior to any rent increase in excess of the annual permissive rent increase, the City Council finds that the violations listed in Appendix Two constitute serious code violations which may not exist within a mobilehome park at the time of the proposed rent increase.

B. The City Council further finds that the provisions of this chapter provide for a sufficient return on investment and allow for a sufficient period of time to allow park owners to meet the minimal health and safety standards set forth herein. The City Council finds that adoption of this chapter does not constitute an action or inaction by the City which will result in the closure, cessation or change of use of a mobilehome park. Except in those cases where the City Council, in its discretion, decides not to renew a conditional use permit or zoning variance as provided for in Government Code Section 65863.7(i), the City Council finds that any closure, cessation or change in use of a mobilehome park occurring after the adoption of this chapter is the result of the decision of the park owner, and, prior to any such closure, cessation or change in use, the mobilehome park owner must comply with the provisions of Government Code Sections 65863.7 and 65863.8 as well as the provisions of the City’s conversion ordinance, Chapter 9.40 CVMC. (Ord. 3255 § 1, 2013; Ord. 3195 § 1, 2011; Ord. 2862 § 1, 2002).