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All Garbage shall be kept within sturdy Containers made of metal or plastic, and no Garbage shall be placed in any Container so that it protrudes or extends beyond such Containers. Containers shall also have tight-fitting lids sufficient to keep out the rain and prevent litter. Every owner, tenant, occupant, individual, or Entity having responsibility for a premises or property shall subscribe for adequate service and maintain the number of rigid Containers and lids sufficient to separately hold their weekly Garbage. Cardboard containers shall not be used as Garbage containers and should be emptied, broken down, and placed at the Designated Collection Location for Collection with Recyclables.

A. The following actions are approved for Garbage by Small Quantity Generators (Single-Family Residential and small businesses with curbside Collection service):

1. Color-coded and specially marked Containers will be provided upon request by the City’s Authorized Collector for used oil and oil filters, at no additional charge.

2. Any individual or Entity desiring to receive different, additional, or more frequent service may do so through the Authorized Collector, on mutually agreeable terms and conditions, by contacting the Authorized Collector at least two days before their regular Garbage Collection service day.

B. The following actions are prohibited for Small Quantity Generators:

1. Use of severely damaged Containers or Containers with jagged or sharp edges (said Containers will be appropriately tagged by the Authorized Collector the first time observed and will be Collected by the Authorized Collector if used subsequently to being so tagged);

2. Placement of Hazardous or Toxic Wastes, such as solvents, paints, pesticides, fuels, explosives and medical wastes, at the Designated Collection Location for Collection by the City or the Authorized Collector. This prohibition is not intended to exclude the door-to-door Collection of any Hazardous Waste, by appointment, by a contractor licensed by the City and permitted by the State Department of Toxic Substances or the County environmental health department;

3. Placement of Construction and Demolition Waste at the Designated Collection Location for service by the Authorized Collector, which may resist compaction or damage equipment, such as large metal objects, concrete blocks, dirt, or tires. This prohibition is not intended to prevent a resident from making an appointment for free bulky pickup, free used oil and filter collection, or contracting with the Authorized Collector for a temporary bin for construction debris or metals;

4. Deposit of Garbage or any other material in waste Containers intended for use by, or belonging to, others;

5. The disposal of Garbage in Recyclables and Organic Waste Containers.

C. Enforcement.

1. Generators that fail to place Garbage out for Collection in proper Containers will be tagged with a notice and provided with proper instructions.

2. Repeated violation of proper set-out and/or separation after notification by the City or the Authorized Collector will be subject to additional enforcement measures as specified in CVMC 8.25.105. (Ord. 3523 § 1, 2022; Ord. 3507 § 1(A), 2021; Ord. 2992 § 1, 2005; Ord. 2764 § 1, 1998).