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A. A facility operator shall maintain a register for each dog housed at the facility that includes: (1) the dog owner’s name, address and telephone number, (2) the dog’s name and description, including breed, color, sex, month and year of birth, (3) the date of its most recent rabies vaccination and (4) a copy of the current vaccination certificate, the name and telephone number of the veterinarian who vaccinated the dog, or the telephone number of the licensing agency verifying the vaccination.

B. For all animals other than dogs, the operator shall maintain a register with the name, current address and telephone number of the owner of each animal kept at the kennel, the description of the animal, including its age, if known, or approximate age, breed, sex and color.

C. The operator shall have someone in attendance at the facility when the facility is housing one or more animals who can identify each animal in the kennel, except that animals under four months of age may be identified as to litter. (Ord. 3226 § 1, 2012).